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This is a collaborative project- contributors (like you) provide characters who are woven into the story as it progresses. But your involvement doesn't end there- as the story progresses you can give feedback on your character, developing them further, influencing their decisions and guiding their actions. The more feedback you provide, the more development your character can receive.

If you want to join in, please follow this blog and comment on this post with a thirty-second description of your character- a name and enough to describe a first meeting. That'll get the ball rolling.

Anyway, enough rambling- on to the plot!

Friday, 1 October 2010

[DIS] First Contact

In a case of reality connecting with (unwritten) fiction, I heard this week that the UN has appointed an official to lead first contact situations. All power to her, may she never work a day in her life. ;-) However, that got me thinking.

At least in the early parts of the Endless Sky story as it's currently being hashed out, there's going to be a fair amount of interaction with the national and international governing bodies- our planet's rulers and spokespeople. Now that we've got a named spokesperson, should they be included in the tale? Or should I assign a fictional person to a very real role?

That then opens the floodgates. If we're now talking about a parallel world, what other changes to make? Maybe there's a Lib Dem goverment in the UK. Maybe there's another Republican in the White House. Maybe the Soviet Union never collapsed. Maybe Liverpool won the Cup. Where to start, where to end?

Of course, before the plot proper can get underway, I still need characters. I'm in need of around six to eight human characters, and probably the same number of aliens- with the aliens I'm also in need of ideas for species.

For those more artistically- than textually-inclined, I'm also interested in visual depictions of characters, events and designs. Particularly, if anyone out there with a smattering of talent wants to imagine the Morning Star for me much kudos will be given. At present I've got one human character and two aliens in the pot, but I really need more to get the ball rolling. So tell your friends, grab a pen and let rip, I'm gearing up for a big push over the next few weeks to get the show underway.

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